Sony & LG Row: PS3s Stop Shipping For 10 Days

If you are in the process of buying yourself a PS3 then hurry and get one right now, as we will soon be facing a shortage. LG has won an appeal to have all new PlayStation 3s entering Europe confiscated by customs officers for at least the next 10 days.

LG has accused Sony of infringing its Blu-ray patent and as a result appealed to the civil court of justice, as reported by BBC News. The court ruled in LG’s favour and granted a minumum 10 day shipping ban, as well as seizure of the hundreds of thousands of units that were in the process of being delivered.

Sony reportedly has enough consoles to satisfy the demand of retailers, with a 2 week stock supply being estimated. Failure to have the ban lifted could be a disaster for Sony, as they import around 100,000 consoles a week, according to Cnet. A massive batch of PS3s were reportedly seized in the Netherlands and are being held up in a warehouse.

It is likely that LG will appeal to have the ban extended, with the possibility of them asking for all of the infringed units to be destroyed. It is quite unlikely this will be the case and Sony will certainly be fighting to get thier best selling games consoles back out on the market. However it could get worse for Sony, as if they lose the case then they could be forced to comphensate LG for every single PS3 unit that has been sold.

As you can imagine this would rack up a bill in the hundreds of millions of pounds and would seriously damage the company. It has not been a good start to the year for Sony as they are still being mocked by the hackers who have compromised a number of their consoles with rogue software. Lets hope things get better with the release of their new smartphones, due out in a month or so. Leave us your thoughts on this fascinating story.