Sir Steve Jobs? Knighthood Request Was Rejected

It has recently come to light that Apple CEO Steve Jobs attempted to get a knighthood; however it was snubbed after he declined to speak at a Labour party conference.

According to Electric Pig, it was former Prime Minister Gordon Brown who denied the Apple boss the knighthood, after Jobs refused to speak at his party’s conference. The American inventor who is currently on medical leave, apparently made it through to the final stages of the knighthood selection process, but fell at the final hurdle as the proposal was blocked by Downing Street. Did Mr Brown pull a revenge stunt and make sure Jobs was not knighted?

As you can see above, Mr Microsoft himself, Bill Gates was knighted back in 2005 for services to technology. PC Mag has reported that Jobs also would have been knighted for the same services; however he would never be able to take the title of “Sir”. Full knighthoods are only available to citizens of countries where Queen Elizabeth II rules, but she can give honorary knighthoods to anyone else, without their title.

So it looks like Jobs missed out on being knighted, although I do think he deserves it with the revolutionary technology his company has brought us. The iPod, iMac, iPhone and iPad are all wonderful devices we take for granted and they probably would not be as they are without the boss himself. Lets hope that Mr Jobs makes a speedy recovery from illness and enjoys what is likely to be the unveiling of Apple’s iPad 2 tomorrow. Does Steve Jobs deserve a knighthood? Leave us your thoughts on the matter.