Samsung Galaxy 8.9-inch Tab Shows Itself In March CTIA: Big Contender?

Just over a week ago, we reported on news of Samsung possibly introducing us to a 8.9-inch Galaxy Tablet. Although the company already have a 7-inch model which is no doubt ticking the boxes for many consumers and a new 10.1-inch on the way, it seems the South Korean company are wanting to introduce a device in between the 2.

The idea of developing a 8.9-inch tab is not a new concept, it was noted that discussions took place last June, but now it seems this may become a reality. News in today from Slashgear has stated that an invitation for the CTIA event on March 22nd staged in Orlando, US, has been sent out. Included in the details, is an image with unique number 78910 pointing to a possible announcement of the 8.9-incher.

Along with the invitation below, you can clearly see a Honeycomb patterned design behind the wording, so is this hinting towards a tablet running on Android’s Honeycomb OS, along with as slashgear pointed out, a Samsung Mobile badge giving us a possible indication of a 3G or 4G model?

On the 23rd February we could only give you a few snippets of information, but the question we did raise was what the tab would be called, either Galaxy Tab 3 or Galaxy Tab 8.9? We will have to wait and see what the 22nd brings.

For now, give us your thoughts? Is it really necessary to have a tablet in between the other 2 offerings? Can you see a market for it?