Lenovo & Tobii Showcase “Eye Controlled” Laptop At CeBIT 2011

The CeBIT 2011 trade show in Germany has kicked off, and along with many new innovations to speak of, one of the devices to stand out amongst others is that of the laptop from Lenovo partnered with technology company Tobii. But we are not just talking about your bulk standard laptop, this pretty impressive offering is controlled purely by the eyes, I suppose a similar comparison can be made to the Kinect.

The idea as Slashgear reported, is not to replace the mouse and keyboard, but to work alongside them. Shown off initially as a prototype, the laptop works on the basis of eye controlled movement, allowing the internals of the laptop to point, scroll and even select items on the screen.

As well as these actions, theinquirer.net reported that the new idea will give users the opportunity to switch quickly between windows, read through documents with a scrolling movement and even dim the screen using of course your eyes. I have to agree with our source directly above, in that the device will surely get the thumbs up and benefit many people that may not be able to use their hands or have limited sensation in accessing the keyboard. As www.pcpro.co.uk stated, computers have been used to interact with the physically disabled for some time, but restrictions with bulky and expensive headgear has always been an issue for some.

An interesting statement from John Elvesjö, Founder and CTO said that “As long as the user is roughly in front of their computer, the screen will actually know your exact gaze point all of the time. It works like a touchscreen, but it feels your gaze point.”

Tell us what you think about the new idea from these 2 companies? Can you see the positives along with any negatives? Let us know your thoughts.