inPulse SmartWatch: Has Facebook Check-in – Video

With the leaps and bounds we are seeing in terms of social media and social networking, it was only a matter of time until someone brought out a product which enables you to ‘check-in’ to Facebook Places while you are on the move. As we all know, Facebook is the largest of the social networking sites boasting more than 500 million with more than half of them returning daily.

The device was made by inPulse and Shane McGlaun of AndroidCommunity has written a report about it. The way it works is via Bluetooth, it connects to your Android smartphone, and then it uses the GPS location of the smartphone to pull up a list of places that you can check-in to.

This is pretty cool as one of the frustrations with having to check-in to Facebook places or into Foursquare is that when you reach your desired location you then have to get your phone out and go through the your normal routine of having to check-in. This app and watch wipes that out as it’s at the touch of a few buttons and it’s on your wrist.

Check out the video demonstration at the end of the article. If you would like to pick up your very own smartwatch then you can from their official website. There are a couple of different designs and it is priced at $149.

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