Facebook Promotional Contest Rules: The Ins & Outs

As we all know, everything from sports to brands is moving towards social media and social networking. We already reported that the Facebook Deals page has gone live. Perhaps you are one of the people looking to run an offer but Facebook’s rules have confused you.

Well we will help you with the promotional deals and the ins and outs of them. Firstly when Facebook says a promotion, what exactly do they mean? Have a read of them from this Facebook page. What they are basically saying is that anytime you want to run a promotion using Facebook and you need to pick a winner, it would fall into the terms within the promotional guidelines.

There’s a brilliant article over at socialmediaexaminer.com by Mari Smith where the Facebook contest rules are explained in plain English. The author mentions that the Facebook promotional guidelines were amended to stop what could be described as a free-for-all, however it went from one extreme to the other.

It went from having no rules to a set of pretty strict ones where you had to gain written approval from Facebook a minimum of seven days before the running of the campaign. You also had to meet the minimum ad spend of $10,000 per month, have an account rep and use a third-party app on the Facebook platform.

Along came November 29th 2010 and Facebook relaxed the rules and regulations a little. The changes mean that you don’t need Facebook to provide written confirmation to run the contest, you don’t have to meet the minimum ad spend and you also don’t need an account rep. The most significant change though is that you have to administer all contests using a third-party app on the Facebook platform. You can read about lots of other app developers using this link. You can also read more about selecting the winners of contests from Mari Smith’s article.

Perhaps the one that is used by more people these days is called Wildfire; you can check it out and read all about it on the Wildfire official website.

How often do you run contests on Facebook?