Apple iPad 2 Official Event 2 March: Roundup Of Rumors & Expectations

One of the biggest announcements to take place this year is due to kick off tomorrow March 2 at 1.00 pm ET. Yes that’s right, the Apple event taking place at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco is reported to be the time when we will eventually see the iPad 2 in all its glory, along with a specifications listing, price and news of when we can get our hands on one of the tablets.

So as we wait in trepidation as to what tomorrow will bring, we have decided to report on the rumors and speculation over the last few months in an overall roundup, as well as asking your good-selves what you would like to see?

Since approximately September of last year, we have reported on many possible internal and external features, as well as seeing renders, mock-ups, cases and so on, and just a few weeks back, we rounded everything up for you, but as you can imagine the news is constantly changing. We have heard about the next generation iPad or iPad 2 if you prefer, being lighter and thinner in appearance particularly that of the bezel.

In terms of running speed, a dual-core A5 processor was reported to be included as well as 512MB of RAM. Along with this a big feature that many consumers are hoping for, is the introduction of a front and rear facing camera. One such rumor has been that of FaceTime HD as well as a Photo Booth.

As BGR reported, availability for the new iPad is hoped to be between 1-2 weeks, good news for customers who have faced a big decision as to whether or not they should purchase another tablet or wait for iPad news. For the starter WiFi model from either Verizon and or AT&T, it has been reported that the price may be in the region of $399.

By the end of tomorrow, we are keeping everything crossed that along with the iPad 2, we will also have some news to give you in relation to the iPhone 5 and when this will make an appearance.

Expectations are high for the next iPad 2, tell us what you think the best rumored additional feature has been in the lead up to tomorrow? Stay tuned for up to date information as we get it.