White iPad 2 Rumor: Leaked Part Suggests

The big Apple event to officially announce the iPad 2 is now only days away, this Wednesday March 2 and there has already been speculation that in fact the new tablet may be released very shortly after the unveiling. Now we have an interesting snippet of news for you as we have heard of a possibility that the next-generation iPad will be available in a white version.

We’ve often spoken about the white iPhone 4 never being released yet and just how many people waited, and are still waiting, to get a white iPhone 4 of maybe a white iPhone 5 now. It seems then that if those people are also in the market for a new tablet there could be some very happy faces shortly. We’ve been publishing many articles regarding rumored features for the next iPad, such as FaceTime HD and Thunderbolt technology, both of which have come to the refreshed MacBook Pro line. One thing that hadn’t occurred to us though, was the possibility of a white iPad 2.

However Mark Gurman over on 9to5Mac tells how they were sent images of a leaked white part, apparently for the next iPad. It came from iFixYouri, an iPhone repair shop in Shenzhen City and is the thick bezel or ‘digitizer’, which surrounds the display which is usually black. The reverse of the part is also shown with a camera hole which matches perfectly with the screen protectors for the iPad 2 which have already been revealed. Whether a white iPad 2 would be in addition to the usual black version or whether it will replace it is, is not yet known.

Paul Lamkin over on Pocket-Lint also reports on the possibility of a white iPad 2 and points out that as far as aesthetics go it would beat the pants off the black and silver iPad 2 mock up pictures that came out last week. We’d certainly welcome a white iPad 2 but what are your thoughts on this? Let us know by sending us your comments.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Spelly Paula Court

    Wil the new Ipad support Flash do you know?

  • debbielt

    I'm sorry Paula. That's one thing that nobody expects to see! Thanks for reading.