Vodafone Suffers Break In: Down For Some UK Users

Very angry Vodafone users learned today that the reason they could not get any service was becuase their provider was last night the victim of a criminal break in.

Vodafone’s exchange centre in Basingstoke was last night compromised by an unknown gang of burglers, who not only caused damage to the network but also helped themselves to computers and equipment, according to reports from BBC News. It seems amazing how a huge company like Vodafone could have let an incident like this happen with the array of security and workers they have at their disposal.

The loss of calls, texts and data signal was said to have started early on Monday morning, affecting the South West of England in particular as reported by Cnet. Vodafone released a statement on the matter, explaining what had happened and that they were working to resume service. “We are working quickly to restore our equipment and will be back to normal as soon as we can.”

On the positive side, no personal customer information was taken by the criminals and Vodafone has announced that some sort of service should be back for most users, as their engineers try to remedy the problem. The network provider is getting an absolute grilling from furious users on Facebook and Twitter, with the company being some what a laughing stock at the moment. Did the Vodafone break in affect you? Let us know by leaving a comment.

  • Dada

    No calls in or out, no top-up, no data, no satisfaction, and I bet no apology or compensation either. Typical vodafone rip-off. Where were thaei "security"??

  • julie

    discusted absolutely discusted, I can not get voicemails still now at 6pm, I can not even dial 191 to speak to them I can not even hear them when I dial the number that costs me money on my mobile. everytime I call voicemail it disconects me. And yes you can be sure they will still charge for the calls and no refunds will be made. Im off to O2 f..k vodafone!!!