Video Shows Nintendo 3DS Hacked With R4 Card

The dust that accompanied the release of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan has only just settled, but it would appear that time waits for no man or hacker, eager to do their business it seems that someone has already managed to hack this new gaming device with the use of an R4 card.

The news of this hack comes to us courtesy of, in this post it talks about how a bunch of Japanese gamers have managed to get the R4 Card to work on this new device, happy with their results they then uploaded videos of the 3DS to YouTube.

For a console that was designed specifically to combat piracy this latest news must come as quiet an embarrassment for Nintendo, although the use of the R4 card has only allowed them to play DS games on a 3 DS, the speed in which they managed to do this makes us think that we could see a complete Nintendo 3DS hack sometime soon.

When it was released a couple of days ago the 3DS had cues of up to 2,000 people all waiting to get their hands on this device, this post by Tim Ollason talks about how these massive cues helped absolutely smash sales, 400,000 units hit Japan and were practically all sold on day one.

To see what these guys managed to achieve we have embedded the video at the bottom of this post, it seems the more companies try to stop their products from being hacked the easier they actually become victims. Maybe they should take a leaf out of Google’s book and embrace hacking, you can read more on this in our post on the upcoming Pwn2Own contest.

What are your thoughts on this? Will this encourage you to go out and buy this device when it’s released?

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