Using LinkedIn with Twitter: Guide For Better Networking

The use of social networking sites is dramatically on the increase from day to day, with this in mind it makes good business sense to get your company actively involved in this. For most of you this would involve using LinkedIn, to optimise this social site to fulfil its maximum potential networking capabilities it’s well worth incorporating your Twitter profile.

In previous posts we have brought you loads of news on the use of LinkedIn, we compared it to other social sites to see what was more valuable as well as gave you some tips on how to make best use of it for your business. Now it seems rather than choosing what site is the best, combining all these social tools together will be the way forward.

If you don’t have a twitter account you can see what this site entails and register for a free account here, in a post from Stephanie sammons she talks about how best to incorporate both these sites. Using a LinkedIn application called Tweets can help you keep up to date with information from your LinkedIn connections, this post contains some very good information in a nice easy to follow step by step guide. You can read this by heading over to her post on

In the process to try and gather as much information as we can we also came along this post from Kyle Lacy, in it he gives 10 tips on ways to maximise your personal branding on LinkedIn. These tips include things like using groups, using applications and promoting events, check these out by heading over to his post here.

Managing multiple online accounts can be quiet time consuming, we came across a great platform earlier that helps you manage these sites more efficiently. Whoopaa will allow you to manage two sites from one web page, whether them sites are Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter you can float between the both of them by sliding a button from left to right that’s located at the top of the web page. We hope you find this as useful as we did.

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  • Joan Stewart

    One of the reasons LinkedIn groups are so powerful is because by joining a group, you have the ability to communicate with everyone in that group, even though you are not connected to them.

    You can join groups of people in your own industry or groups populated by your ideal target market and join discussions and help people who might not otherwise return your phone call or reply to your email.

    In many cases, I've communicated with people in groups for several days or weeks, only to get an invitation from them later to formally connect. You can see several other reasons why LinkedIn groups are far more powerful than Facebook groups in this blog post I wrote: