TazTag Tablet PC Dubbed The TazPad: Showcased At CeBIT 2011?

When it comes to tablet PCs since the start of the year we have seen them in abundance. We have recently seen the Motorola Xoom, a hybrid of a smartphone / tablet PC, a few low cost tablets from Archos along with plenty of others. You can read about all of them using this link.

There’s another tablet that has surfaced which reports say will be seen at CeBIT 2011, which isn’t too far away. Over at Slashgear, their author Shane McGlaun has written an article about the new device mentioning that he expects there to be even more tablets shown at the event.

What’s so special about this device? It’s claiming to be the first Android tablet featuring NFC. Some of the other specs on the device include a 7” multi-touch screen, GPS, a camera, HDMI output, Bluetooth, WiFi and ZigBee.

If you take a peek at another article on Android Community, they mention that we are expecting some of the other details such as the processor and more about the innards of the tablet PC will be revealed at CeBIT 2011. As soon as we have the full specs, price and release dates then we will write a follow up post informing all. In the mean time, you can head over to their official website and have a nose around. You can also check out the Press Release for it.

What do you think of the design of this tablet? Are you excited that Android devices are starting to get NFC? Let us know in the comments section below.