Tablet/Smartphone Hybrid: AdvanceTC Unveils The MagicW3

Tablet PCs and smartphones are taking over; there are various phones that are doing particularly well in their markets such as the iPhone and some of the HTC models. In the tablet market there are a few that seem to be doing well, of course the iPad now the Motorola Xoom and previously the original Samsung Galaxy tab.

Now we are hearing of a tablet / smartphone hybrid, Advance TC has unveiled its beast. Over at Engadget, their author Sean Hollister says this device gives the Atrix a nod as it can act like a full ‘nettop’ PC when it’s connected to the HDMI dock. The device has some impressive specifications so let’s have a look.

The device has 32GB of SSD storage, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, a 4.8” touch screen with a resolution of 800×480 and a 1.6GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor to name a few. One of the interesting things with this phone is the OS that it runs on, it’s running Windows 7 Home Premium! That’s right, not Windows Phone 7 actual Windows 7. There are plenty of other specs so head over to the AdvanceTC official site to read through them all. You can also check out a full gallery of images showing off the device (this was a bit temperamental when we tried to view it).

Looking around the device it has various ports on the sides of it; we can see that it has a mini-HDMI, mini-USB, a SIM card slot and a 3.5mm jack connector. The device will have a 3200mAh battery to power it but this seems like a device that will be a little more power hungry than that. One thing that has been built into the device is the way in which the custom UI later keeps the battery in check; it will automatically wake up from sleep mode when it detects a call or text. Right now there’s no indication of release date or pricing but as soon as there is we will let you know.