Oscars Are Over: Winners Start Hitting Facebook

With one of the biggest nights in the film calendar at an end it would seem that you didn’t have to sit in front of a TV to know what happened at the Oscars, just as quick as the winners were being announced on screen the results were hitting Facebook.

In the build up to this prestigious awards ceremony it seemed that online social networking sites would play a big role in this event, in a recent post from Debbie Turner she talked about how Twitter could be used to predict this year’s Oscars using the same method The Meltwater Group used to predict the results of the Grammy Awards.

To test this theory let’s look at the predictions from her post what you can view here and see how they compare to the actual results. Here are the top three predictions Black Swan for best film, Natalie Portman for best Actress and James Franco for best actor. Now we have the results the only prediction that came true was for best actress, which doesn’t seem that bad for guess work. You can view all the other results in this post from Ropeofsilicon.com.

Though social media may have not been able to predict the full results it still played a strong part in bringing the news of the ceremony to the masses, this Facebook group was set up just before the awards and has been following it closely relisting the winners from each category.

With social media sites having such a big influence on people we don’t think it would be long before we see the end of award shows like the Oscars, maybe a little bit in the future winners will be decided by the decisions that are made on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

What are your thoughts on this?

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