HTC Trophy Appears Sporting Verizon Colors

Taiwanese company HTC have been exceeding themselves lately with the new range of handsets they have on offer, looking like it wants to share the love a recent picture unveiled the companies HTC Trophy handset sporting some Verizon colors.

This image that you can see below was very generously sent to Engadget by an anonymous tipster, although this device was announced last year in this image it can be seen showing of some very obvious Big Red branding, the device is said to be exactly the same as the European version only this one has got red highlights around its innards.

For anyone who missed this handset in the last few months here is a quick recap of its specs, this machine has a 3.8inch display with a resolution of 480×800, a 1GHz Qualcomm processor, 5MP camera capable of shooting 720p HD video and has 567MB of RAM. To see the full spec list follow this link to HTC’s official site.

Although this device doesn’t host the most amazing specs when compared to other phones like the Merge or Thunderbolt, it’s still a good mid range entry Smartphone that Verizon users could now have the pleasure of enjoying.

If you’re quiet interested in this handset we have embedded a video at the bottom of this post for you to watch, this clip gives a full hands on review of this phone and discusses the pros and cons of Windows 7 on this device.

What are your thoughts on this handset? Will you be heading to Verizon for a Trophy of your own?

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  • Dominik

    Looks as though HTC is running out of names for their devices.