HTC Thunderbolt Price Listed: Will You Pay $699.99 In March?

Since the start of this year, HTC’s new offering the Thunderbolt on Verizon, has been a huge topic of discussion across the tech world. Packed with an impressive listing of specifications, the Thunderbolt is dubbed to be a stiff contender against other smartphones currently coming onto the market. Unfortunately this latest edition from HTC has already experienced its fair share of negativity in relation to delayed release dates. The latest reports are pointing to a date in March now, and only yesterday it came to light that the subsequent delays could be down to technical issues such as signal and battery problems.

As Ubergizmo pointed out, surely its better to have a delay whilst the problems are rectified thus giving a handset that will meet consumers high expectations? So whilst you wait with baited breath on news of yet another official release date, we can tell you that a price from HTC USA’s official store has filtered through today.

The stand alone price has been listed as $699.99 which if you compare it to their 32GB iPhone 4 offering of $749.99, positions it right at the top in terms of “pricing structure.” On a contract-only basis, this in itself has caused much confusion with retailer “Best Buy” listing the handset at $249.99 for a 2-year data plan, whilst on a recent “Mobile Buyer’s Guide” this has the item at $299.99 a $50 difference.

With no official release date as of yet and what seems to be a fairly expensive smartphone, tell us what your thoughts are? Are you prepared to wait for the Thunderbolt or are you tempted by another handset?

  • Carl A.

    About the pricing .. if anyone remembers the $249 Besy Buy add there clearly was an asterik with that price saying "after rebate" ($50 preorder customers perhaps?).. so I imagine it will be the the $299 we are all hearing about.

    I myself would rather wait and have the bugs worked out. No sense shelling out top dollar and then have a less than average experience. If I must choose which egg I want in my face then I will take the one later on when the product is finished, instead of now and have to listen to the masses cry about how something doesnt work.

    On the other hand I am keeping my fingers crossed for a sooner than later release date. I gotta tell ya, the Atrix is looking pretty good to me now, and if it comes out before the Thunderbolt then Verizon may have lost a sale with me.