HTC Inspire: Processor Overclocked To 1.8GHz – Your Thoughts?

HTC have had a great year and to top it all off they managed to win the ‘Manufacturer Of The Year’ award at the MWC awards ceremony. When it comes to the HTC Inspire we previously reported on the devices release date and how you could pre-order it at RadioShack as well as its lack of HSUPA.

Now we have caught wind that the device has been overclocked from 1GHz to a staggering 1.8GHz and we want your thoughts on the matter. We have already seen a few different things coming from the XDA developers forum such as the Motorola Xoom being jacked up to 1.5GHz, a NOOK Color running Android Honeycomb and Nexus S being overclocked to 1.4GHz.

The news came through Quentyn Kennemer of Phandroid who has compiled his own article on the subject so be sure to have a read. Within his article he mentions that there are some slight questions of legitimacy on this one as there don’t seem to be too many people who have tried it.

If you want to give it a go, then keep an eye out on this thread from the XDA developers forum and wait for the instructions to come. This is still really early days for the mod so be careful and perhaps wait for a few user reviews to come in before you fry your shiny new phone. As things stand there is no mention of what other effects there are so if you are going to go for it, proceed with caution.

What do you think of the overclocking of all these different devices recently? Are you a fan of overclocking? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.