Gmail Slip Up Accidentally Erases some Users Emails

If like us and you hold a Gmail account then as soon as you turn on your computer your first point of call should be to check your account, it would seem that a slip up from Gmail has resulted in some users accounts having their emails erased.

Up to 500,000 users of Gmail have reportedly lost access to their inboxes this morning, many of which are reporting on this via support forums and Twitter. According to this post from Engadget many years worth of attachments, chat logs and messages have vanished and some users are logging on to accounts that have been reset.

On Google’s Apps status board it would seem that they are well aware of the current situation, although many people seem to be reporting the same problem, the company claims that this issue is affecting roughly 0.08 percent of the Google Mail userbase. You can keep a track on this if you are one of the unfortunate people that are being affected by clicking on the link here.

Although it may seem like a kick in the teeth right now to mention this but we feel that it should be said, the best way to not be compromised by something like this is to backup your email account. There are a number of ways this can be done, if you click on this link here this will let you know what options you can use.

We have also included a how to video at the bottom of this post that could also be of assistance, this is not the first time something like this has happened, we have seen online cloud services before lose customers information but then retrieve it at a later date.

Have you been affected by this? If so how are you feeling?

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