Fujitsu 22-inch “Worlds First Wireless Display” Showcases At CeBIT 2011

Wireless systems are everywhere nowadays, being able to connect to the Internet from anywhere in your house or hotel room is nothing new. Even when we go out to dinner we can pay using wireless technology brought to our tables. But there is one thing that our wireless devices all need and that’s plugging into a wired power supply.

This is all set to change with the help of Fujitsu one of the largest electronic manufacturers in the world. As Ubergizmo reports the Japanese company is getting ready to showcase its latest technology at this years CeBIT event.

Being announced as the “worlds first truly wireless display,” the new monitor works without the need to be tethered to a wired power supply. Using similar principles to that of an HP TouchStone, or as Slashgear suggest your electric toothbrush, the magneto-induction technology enables an inductive charge capability.

By placing the monitor on Smart Universal Power Access (SUPA) hot-spots that will be built into worktops, desks or office panels, it will be able to gain enough energy to power the display. All other ancillaries will be connected via wireless USB technology, with a useful range of around 10 meters.

As yet the 22-inch wireless Fujitsu screen has no confirmed price or release date, but expect to see the system ready for commercial display sometime next year. As we move forward into 2011 what other technology would you like to see to make our lives less wired?