Brits & Facebook: Digital Image Sharing Stats From Kodak

As we know Kodak makes some pretty impressive cameras such as the mini waterproof camera and the PlaySport 2 which was shown at CES 2011. One of the important features signaling Kodak’s intentions of delivering everything to us consumers that they possibly can is the one touch sharing button on their devices, but how much is it used?

It looks as Kodak has been busy checking out just how much people do actually use it as Carrie-Ann Skinner of PCAdvisor has added a report talking about Facebook users and how much they use the sharing button. Apparently only 23% of Brits share digital photographs on Facebook and 69% have never printed a photo from a mobile phone.

The idea of sharing photos on Facebook is pretty good and the functionality shows the direction that different devices and companies are heading for, Social Media and Social Networking. It’s the future for everyone.

Within the same report the author also mentions that Kodak are indicating that 85% of PC owners keep their photos on their PCs without showing them to friends and family or even displaying them around their homes. If you want to start sharing your photos then you will need to sign up with Kodak and you can do it by using this link.

Do you use Kodak’s photo sharing? If you do what are your thoughts on the functionality? Let us know in the comments below.