Apple iOS Devices: Swipe Gesture Lock Screen Smacks Of Android

We are all familiar with Apple’s swipe and pass code system for their range of devices. But it would seem that Apple is working on another method of releasing your screen lock.

According to Mashable the gesture-based iPhone screen lock shows more than a passing resemblance to the system used on Android based phones. With a 3-by-3 dot grid layout the user will swipe over the dots in a pre-stored gesture pattern.

Apple has apparently put the system into practice within its internal ‘Apple Connect’ application for employees iOS devices and is likely to introduce it across the retail-stores network.

However as 9to5 Mac states, with such a close likeness to the Android version, the chances of it making it onto consumers devices are undecided but unlikely. Google know doubt will have patents in place to protect its system.

It will however spark quite a debate among the forums with Android followers slating Apple for copying ideas. Tell us where you stand with the gesture unlocking, do you think Apple should redesign its pass code setup or is it better sticking with what it has?

  • dave

    Didn't Samsung come up with this idea prior to Android?