Amazon Kindle 3G eReader at AT&T: Coming March 6

The Amazon Kindle eReader was one of the smash hit products for the online giant over the Christmas shopping period and shortly after that Amazon offered free Kindle apps for both Android and Windows tablets. Now we have heard that very shortly AT&T retail outlets across the US will also be offering the Kindle 3G for sale.

It’s coming to company-owned AT&T stores on March 6 and the Kindle 3G will be able to be used both over AT&T’s mobile broadband network, but also on a Wi-Fi connection. If you want to head out to AT&T on March 6 then go straight to the connected devices display, which is where you’ll find it on sale. That also means you’ll be able to try it out before you buy and if you decide to purchase the new Kindle 3G digital publication reader it will cost you $189 according to Robin Wauters over on TechCrunch, that’s the same price as at Amazon online.

You certainly shouldn’t have any trouble finding good reading material for the Kindle 3G as there are now more than 810,000 books in the Kindle Store as well as 107 of the 111 New York Times bestsellers. If you want to see the full press release from AT&T then head to Engadget here where you can read it along with an article by Vlad Savov.

The new Kindle 3G also offers a 6-inch paper-like Pearl E Ink display, which is easy to read even in sunlight and although some people now opt to read books on their tablet devices, many still prefer a dedicated eReader for an optimum experience. Will you be heading out to AT&T for the new Kindle 3G? Let us know your thoughts.