Video Calls Without Needing Internet: Skype To Go

Skype yesterday gave details on their new “To Go” service which enables users to make calls from their phones to any device. The bonus to this offering is that the charges are reportedly very generous and you dont need an internet connection.

The video calling service announced that you can communicate with people abroad, with a huge number of countries available to call. Each counrty has a unique dialling code, with the list being accessable on Skype’s website. Rates vary depending on which regions you are contacting; however Skype themselves have claimed they are offering “great value”.

The biggest advantage of the service is that no internet connection or 3G network is required; Skype To Go can also be used on landlines as well as mobiles, as reported by SlashGear. It works by assigning a unique Skype To Go number to the overseas number that you wish to contact, then you call the assigned local number whenever you need to dial that overseas number.

It does not cost anything to set up Skype To Go numbers and you have a limit of 9. When paying for the service you use Skype credit or via a subscription. It looks like calling abroad just became alot more easier and cheaper. What do you make of Skype’s new “To Go” service, will you be using it?