SecondMarket Valuation of Facebook: $70 Billion

Facebook is the largest social network out there at the moment. It has more than 500 million (maybe more than 600 million now) users signed up with more than half of them returning daily performing daily tasks.

We have also reported on the value of Facebook in comparison to LinkedIn, whilst Facebook may be worth more wonga LinkedIn has a different type of value. We also informed you of how Facebook’s value had increased by 56% to $41.2 billion, well now we are reading reports that Facebook has now had a SecondMarket valuation of an astonishing $70 billion.

Over at TechCrunch, their author MG Siegler is reporting that last week when they went through the same valuation Facebook process was performed and the overall value came out as $67.5 billion. Siegler goes onto to mention the stocks were at $27 a share, these rose to $28 this week which has put the valuation back up.

We urge you to head over to the above mentioned article but also check out what SecondMarket are about over at The question that we have in mind on this is… How can Facebook worth that much?

Why do you think Facebook is worth as much as it is? How much is it worth to you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section beneath.