Multi-task Your Social Networks With Whoopaa

In this day and age it can be hard to keep on top of everything, with so many things requiring your attention keeping track of your online accounts should not be allowed to hinder your movements. To try and make your live run more efficiently a new platform called Whoopaa has been released, this is designed to help you Multi-Task between your social networks with ease.

If your like most people and hold multiple social sites then Whoopaa is for you, with the capability to link up to popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn this platform could be the ideal way to manage your personal online social live whilst keeping your business one separate.

To set up one of these accounts it will only takes 5 minutes out of your day, once you have set up and attached a social network account to both your personal and business profiles, you can then switch between two profiles by sliding a button on the top right hand side of the screen. The biggest downside to this platform according to this post from is the limitation of only being able to link up one Facebook profile.

Like all the other social network sites this platform is completely free to register for, we have just set ourselves up with one of these accounts and it was a breeze. Check out the video below that shows you what this site has to offer, if you want to try this for yourself then you can follow the link over to their official site here.

After using this site for a while it did save us some time and effort, we then started to wonder if there could be a way of integrating all social media sites into one. No more having to switch between webpage’s while looking for YouTube videos to post on Facebook seems like a pretty sweet concept to us.

What are your thoughts on Whoopaa? Will you be trying it out?

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