iPad 2 Mock Up Pictures: Like the Real Thing or Not?

We are only days away now from the Apple event on March 2 when we should be hearing the official announcement about the next-generation iPad, or iPad 2 as it’s been dubbed. The iPad 2 is a much-awaited device and we know that many of you can’t wait for it’s release and there has been speculation that the release could be almost instant after the announcement. Now though, we have something to keep you going and that’s some pictures of a supposed iPad 2.

The pictures claim to be an accurate representation of the iPad 2 and are supposedly a mock up of what we can expect. The iPad 2 look-a-like was developed from details given from a case manufacturer based on information it was supplied with by Apple about the size and specifications and if this is accurate it ties in with our previous story about a leaked case which is designed to house a smaller and slimmer iPad.

The images, which we heard of from George Wong over on Ubergizmo, came from a Japanese blog. There are many aspects of it that appear to be what we would expect such as a wider speaker grille that has been rumored, and it also has the cameras that had been pretty much expected by every tech site around. The design is what you might describe as industrial and might not be to everybody’s taste but at least people will know you have the new model!

Meanwhile Rik Henderson over on Pocket-Lint points out that the mock up has an SD card slot which had also been rumored to be a feature on the iPad 2. However we recently spoke of rumors that it would not now be coming with an SD card slot so could that be a sign that this mock up is pure guesswork after all?

The only thing for sure is that sometime on Wednesday we’ll know for certain and we’ll all be a whole lot wiser. You may also be interested in our earlier article about FaceTime HD possibly becoming available on the iPad 2 as it’s one of the new features on the refreshed MacBook Pro line that was announced and released on Thursday. Alternatively, to give you a smile or two while you wait you could check out this fake iPad 2 video review.

What do you think of the mock up images? Do you think that they could possibly represent the real iPad 2 and if so are you happy with the new industrial design? Let us know by sending us your comments in the box below.