Initial 400,000 3DS In Japan: Sales Smashed

Whilst there have been health warnings against the Nintendo 3DS it has now been released in Japan. The same device is released in the UK on March 25th followed by the US on the 27th. We have already reported on a new DSi package that also goes on sale next week which is a limited edition Pokemon Black & White bundle.

Now we are reading reports that the 400,000 units that had been sent to Japan for launch were pretty much all sold on day one. Engadget’s Sean Hollister explains that there were a few lines of 2,000 people long and that these lines were ‘exceptions to the norm’.

Nintendo has always excelled in the handheld gaming market and whilst the lines of 2,000 people may not have happened in too many locations, it doesn’t take into account the number of pre-orders that it will have had.

Following on from the original report from Engadget, they also posted an update to the site as their Japanese counterparts managed to pick up two of the consoles, head on over using this link to see the extensive photos that they have.

What do you think of the sales in Japan? If you want to read more about the Nintendo 3DS then you can by reading through our previous articles.