Facebook’s “Like” Button Now Acts As A “Share” Button

After some updates over the past few months, Facebook has practically just killed its “share” button. Do not fear as everyone’s favourite “like button” is taking over the same job.

Typically when you “like” something on the site it will just notify other people of your approval, however when clicking on the thumbs up button it will share extra detail with you and everyone else. Mashable has reported that from now on a full story with a headline, blurb and thumbnail will be posted to your profile wall. You and your friends can also comment on the story link.

The “like” button is one of Facebook’s biggest features as it is a good way to share your thoughts and emotions with others in the simple click of a button. We recently saw Lil Wayne smash the world record for most “likes” in a day, previously set by Oreo. Also “liking” things such as fan pages has become a way of gaining access to exclusive content like videos, news and competitions.

Facebook has given a detailed description on their Developers page
about the “like” buttons new functionality. They say that when a user clicks a Like button on your page, a connection is made between your page and the user, appearing in the “Likes and Interests” section of the user’s profile. Will the “like” buttons new function lead to the removal of the share button? Let us know your thoughts on the change and if you think it was called for.