Twitter Downed For 2 Hours: Did You Cope?

We have been getting reports that Twitter was down for about 2 hours this morning (Saturday) from around 8AM to 10AM, UK time.

The massive microblogging service was unavailbale for this 2 hour period for a huge amount of users, and Gary Johnson writing on Product Reviews has reported that the service was coming back and disappearing again which suggests server issues. The site is back to normal now; however left users “outraged” after they could not tweet for the best part of a gruelling 120 minute period.

According to CBS News, Twitter’s text messaging service said that that the site was “currently experiencing elevated error rates”. It is quite rare for Twitter to crash, although it has happened a few times in the past; even Facebook crashes on occasions so it is nothing to be embarrassed about. Twitter acknowledged the situation and said “You may experience some problems loading and with Twitter clients. We are aware of the problem and are taking action.”

We are not certain how many countries were affected by the server error, but if the problem was global then it is likely to cause fierce anger. When the service was down it also reportedly affected most 3rd party apps. Were you able to access the site at this time through one of your apps? Let us know if you were unable to access the site and if you were able to last the 2 hours without your Twitter account.