Top Twitter Trends: This Week’s Top 10

It’s that time of the week again, the top 10 Twitter trends of the week are in and have been kindly provided by Mashable’s Matt Silverman. There have been plenty of things happening this week that may or may not have made it into the top 10 such as the NBA Slam Dunk contest.

Let’s go straight in at number 10 with the Simpsons, they would have been celebrating the 32nd birthday had he been real. Thankfully he will stay as his cheeky self as he is just a cartoon character. Next in the rankings was Wisconsin Politics, the public employees were protesting an attempt to take away their bargaining rights for the unionized public workers, Mashable’s article goes on to say that some of the Wisconsin school systems ended up being closed because the protests had been growing.

In the 8th spot goes to Soccer/Football and this was because there were some big games, Ajax vs. Vw and ADO vs. Feyenoord to name a few as well as a heap of other terms that were being searched for. Number 7 spot went to UberMedia because at the end of last week, Twitter blocked a couple of third-party Twitter clients in Twitdroyd and UberTwitter as they were violating company trademarks and policies.

Position number 6 went to Radiohead following an album taster from their new one The King Of Limbs. The taster included the video for Lotus Flower and then the album release was moved forward to the 18th. In 5th position was a music festival called Vina Del Mar. This festival has been held in Chile and has run annually since 1960. It ran for a full 5 days from February 21st and was broadcasted for the very first time on Chilevision.

The 4th position went to the NBA; this week there was a slam dunk contest as well as a couple of traded players. In 3rd isn’t a surprise, it’s one of the stars that regularly features in the top 10 Lady GaGa who is being hailed as the ‘Queen of iTunes’ as her new album reached the top of the charts.

Second spot is occupied by another regular in the charts, Justin Bieber. This week it is mainly because of fans alerting other fans of a Bieber sighting. This wasn’t enough to take the top spot; this went to the Libyan protests demanding that their leader Colonel Gaddafi stand down, why not check out all of the subtrends by heading over to Remember to check back again next week to see what makes it to the top 10.

Were there any surprises in this week’s top 10 for you? Is there anything that you feel should have made it in that hasn’t? Let us know in the comments below.