Samsung Galaxy Mini To hit O2 In March

Recently we have been inundated with new products falling of the Samsung conveyer belt, with devices like the Samsung Galaxy Indulge and the Galaxy Tab the company seem to be setting some sort of space themed trend, not looking to disappoint they have announced a new handset in this range. The Samsung Galaxy Mini is due to hit UK carrier O2 sometime in March.

This sleek piece of kit is expected to hit the low end level range of the Smartphone market, although it may be intended to hit this low end of the market don’t let that put you off, this device may be small in size but it certainly makes up for it in the specs department.

Most would say the biggest downside to this phone is the screen resolution, sitting at 320×240 we would be inclined to agree. Even though this handset packs a small screen we think the many other features will make you overlook this, when released the Galaxy Mini will be packing Android 2.2 Froyo, a 5MP camera with flash, 800MHz processor and both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can read more on the specs by following this link over to

As we previously said this device is set for O2 who appear to have a holding page on their website for this phone, on this site the company claims that this will be launching with “something special”. If you’re interested in this then you can keep tabs on this by following this link over to the O2 official site. For anyone who wants to see the device working we have embedded a video at the bottom of this post.

At the moment there is no official word on pricing, but judging by past experience we would expect to see this handset become available on a 24 month contract at £15-£20 a month. Handsets like this have been very popular in the past, and we think that the Galaxy Mini will be no different.

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