Samsung Announces 3D Movie Streaming For This Year

Electronics giant Samsung has announced that it will start streaming 3D movies to its internet enabled 3D TVs later this year.

Samsung will stream the 3 dimensional films via its on demand ‘Smart Hub’ application platform; a partnership with movie service PictureBox is looking likely according to the HDTV Guide. PictureBox are looking to become the first partnered service to provide 3D films directly through Samsung’s connected range of 3D TVs, with a launch period being targeted in the 3rd quarter of 2011.

Samsung has dipped its fingers in the 3D streaming pie before, recently hooking up with Virgin Media to promote the company’s 3D service; however this will be the first time that the Korean manufacturer has actually streamed movies through its own app platform. Is there enough consumers out there to warrant 3D streaming at the moment, especially considering that we will be seeing glasses free 3D soon?

Samsung’s Content Services Manager Darren Peterson has been speaking to Tech Radar about the 3D streaming later this year and has explained that the technology is ready. “We are hoping that 3D movies will be available later this year, the technology is there we are just waiting on our partners to come up with something.”

As a 3D TV owner, I am pleased to hear that this service will be offered as it will give users like myself the ability to watch a selection of films without a great deal of effort. Lets just see how much the films are streaming for first. If you own a 3D TV will you be making the most of the services provided by companies like Samsung? Or are you happy with the content you have got, let us know your thoughts.