Nokia Poll Reveals Whats Good About Microsoft Partnership

Unless you have been living under some rock for the last month then you will certainly be aware of Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft, to gain a feel of how people felt about this the Finnish side of this duo recently held a poll, in this poll the company asked customers to choice what was the best thing about this new partnership.

The final poll was published on the official Nokia blog site, it revealed some very interesting results on what people thought were the best features on Windows Phone 7. Rather than leave the categories blank it was decided that you would get to choose between 9 preselected topics, these ranged from unique UI, Internet Explorer 9 and Xbox games.

In the final results the category that scored highest with 22.6 per cent of the votes was other, although this could include Office Hub, Zune, People Hub or a host of many other features so technically provides no real relevance. The next highest to score with 22.12 per cent was the OS’s unique UI, the rest of the categories scored some pretty similar scores.

Although it’s not clear how many people took part in this poll the results seem to speak volumes, maybe Nokia fans are really looking forward to this upcoming Microkia mash up. After reading this post from one thing that could change people’s minds is the shambolic WP7 update that has just been rolled out, this is reportedly being withdrawn from Samsung handsets after it managed to brick most of these devices.

After hearing this news about the poll the pessimist in us starts asking if maybe the company should of offered this same poll to their employees, if you cast your minds back a couple of weeks Matt Tran brought you a post about Nokia employee’s who were working on the Symbian platform. These employees felt really strong about this new partnership that over 1,000 walked out amid fears that they would be losing their jobs.

What are your thoughts on this?

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