iPad 2 Release Date Instant: Straight After March 2 Event?

Here at OSM we’ve been keeping you informed with all the developments regarding the Apple iPad 2 due to be announced at a March 2 event next week. We know that many of you are wondering though how long the release will be after the official unveiling and we have news today that it may be almost instant, within a day or so of the announcement in fact.

Other iPad 2 stories that we’ve featured recently include a link with the BBC in London for the Apple iPad event next week, the fact that it seems unlikely that Steve Jobs (Apple CEO who is sadly ill) will be able to make an appearance and also the latest roundup of feature rumors. However the good news today is that it may not be long at all after the official launch before you can get to grabs with the next-generation iPad.

Although Peter Chubb over on Product-Reviews points out that the original iPad took over three months to come out, from announcement to release, the ever-present “people familiar with the matter” note that Apple is readying some operating areas to prepare for large-scale functioning next week. This would not usually happen for a simple announcement but would be expected for a big consumer product release. This news comes to us from Kasper Jade over on Apple Insider who also adds that one version could possibly be heading to retailers on the announcement day itself.

This is most likely to be a WiFi-only model as Apple needs no prior cooperation from carriers for this and so details are less likely to leak. Obviously this cannot be confirmed at this time but Apple Insider does stress that its source has given reliable accurate information many times. There were also reports though last week of possible delays in the release of the iPad 2 though these were later refuted.

Are you looking forward to the March 2 event next week and if the iPad 2 is actually released shortly afterwards are you intending to get your hands on it? Let us know with your comments using the box below.

  • Emerson Mitchell

    I've been waiting for an official Ipad with camera ever since hearing that some hackers could make a jailbroken, certainly unauthorized maybe illegal, original Ipad work with one.

    I'm on tenderhooks waiting for the Ipad 2, which is rumored to have facetime camera capabilities.

  • big_fella

    i cant wait, i love the anticipaton of a new apple product. regardless of what every else thinks about apple vs android, microsoft, etc. i am very excited for the ipad 2. whenever it comes it, i'll be there.

  • Grant W.

    i cant wait for the ipad 2 to come out. About a 2 months ago i was about to get the original ipad until one of my friends told me that the ipad 2 was going to come out so i have been waiting for 2 months for it to come out and i am so excited to here it is almost ready!

    I have a 2 questions though 1 being how much the starting price would be abd the 2nd being if it will be capable to skype with the new camera on the front

    • Arman

      Honestly, I think it NEEDS to and WILL stay the same price, and becuse skype with the iPhone can video chat, then using that app of the iPad will work as well! I just don't think that if Apple releases an iPad a month after, they wont be able to sell any first gen ones!

  • Roberto

    I want a tablet and I want it asap for my business. I would buy a xoom but the availibility of apps just isn't there yet. Now that I have decided to buy, I wish Apple would quit dinking around and get it done. Wifi only is no good. I need the full featured model. Hurry up, hurry up…..

  • Pablo

    im going to buy it the day it comes out!

  • George

    am about to pee my self!….i missed out on the original ipad so i cant wait for the ipad 'too'….how soon do you think they'll start shippin them to asia(honggkong)?

  • http://www.facebook.com/erolsipar Erol Sipar

    I right now care about Sir Steve Jobs because of his health. I have ankylosing spondyltis and anxiety and depression and I am a technician and worry about my self and him I really care about him wish for him to live a bit longer as humans most likely live upto 70-100 but sick people I don't know and I care for those no matter how rich or poor they are. they are humans not slaves. I hope to see the Ipad 2 for his last probably generation to see as his illness is very worse oh gosh. And hope supporters by his products to respect no matter if he is an enemie or bff to you he is a homosapian – a human being and must be respected as his loyal work thank you onlinelinesocialmedia.net for me to publish this work and great idea of mine. Hope the best selling and best support of Steve Jobs :'( I love him. Bye Oh Gosh! Bye!

  • Jeff

    Erol, please do us all a favor and take a college class…