Facebook Privacy Policy: New Terms easier To Understand

As we have said before nearly everyone in the world revolve their lives around social networking sites, with high use of these sites it’s important that we understand the T & C’s when deciding to dive into the world of social networking. To help us get to grips with these a little easier Facebook have just rewritten their privacy policy in order to make these terms easier to ingest.

Although the policy has been rewritten to a user friendly variant, the terms and conditions will still remain the same. The reason behind this change according to this post from Mashable, is due to a recent finding from the US Federal Trade Commission. In their report the FTC found that the privacy framework wasn’t implemented in a way that would honour the expectations of consumers.

Following these findings Facebook have made it their objective to simplify the current 5,830 word privacy document, and are currently trialling their new simplified version. In order to achieve this the company came up with three basic principles, the new document should be easy to understand even if the concepts are complicated, it should focus on the questions that site users are more inclined to ask and it should be visually appealing and interactive.

For anyone who wants to read a clear in depth description of this new policy as well as a comparison to the old one, we found this really helpful post by Josh Constine who brings together a really easy to follow step by step guide. To read his post follow this link over to Insidefacebook.com.

It’s great to see that a big company like this could take note of what seems to be important to its users, the company may have got some bad press in the past for previous changes they have made, like when they decide to change your profile layout nearly every few months, but we should see changes like this as a positive thing.

What do you think of this new policy change?

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