Apple and BBC Teaming up for iPad 2 Event Next Week

If you’re an iPad fan you will already have heard of the Apple event for next week on March 2 which will be when the iPad 2 is finally unveiled. We’ve been keeping readers informed on all the news and speculation about the next-generation iPad and earlier today published an article with the latest feature rumors. Now we hear of an intriguing possible link with the BBC for next week’s event.

You may already know that the Apple event is taking place in San Francisco with the time set for 10am PST and now Kyle Thibaut over on Tech Crunch reveals news that a BBC invitation-only event is being held at exactly the same time, at 6pm GMT. Not only that but the venerable actor and much-admired all round good egg, Stephen Fry, noted for being an Apple enthusiast, is reported to be hosting the event, according to The Inquirer.

This has really got us interested now as it seems highly likely that the Apple event will feature some sort of link-up to us here in the U.K. We’ve already noted the possibility of FaceTime HD and even the new Thunderbolt (Light Peak) technology, coming to the iPad 2, as the new MacBook Pro line released yesterday includes these features, so these are exciting times, although it’s possible they may not appear until the iPad 3. What’s more in an update to his story Thibaut writes that he has now received his own invitation to the BBC event, so if anyone out there with the right connections is listening, PLEASE can I have one too?

Another current rumor about the iPad 2 that is doing the rounds comes from Sindre Lia of InfoSync who speculates whether the next iPad could show a MobileMe upgrade so head to that article to find out more on that. For now we’ll be keeping our fingers (and everything else) crossed in the hopes of receiving that magical invitation and will, of course, continue to report all the latest developments. What are your thoughts on the BBC event link to the Apple event? Let us know by sending us your comments please.