Angry Birds: Infograph Of The Most Appealing Birds

Angry Birds has been one of the most popular games on mobile devices and now it has become a bit of a craze. Recently we have seen a handmade Angry Birds birthday cake, the birds spreading their wings to Lego and of course an Angry Birds board game.

Now we are hearing of an Angry Birds Infograph that shows how likable each bird is, the image was found over on Mashable where Charlie White has written an article with their own explanations of what has been missed from the image.

Let’s have from the bottom up, first we have the returning bird with the long beak, we actually quite like this one even though it doesn’t cause that much damage. The bird still in the ‘Less likable’ section is the chunky white bird that drops the bombs/eggs, when used correctly it can be lethal to the level, you just have to make sure that you drop the bomb just before the bird is going to hit the wall or drop the bomb from a great height.

The bird that is third from bottom is the original starter red bird, Mashable say that they especially like the pointless sound it makes when you send it flying through the air at your intended target. Perhaps not the most effective but the bigger version is like a canon ball! Next on the infograph and it is in fact occupying third position is the blue bird that splits into three smaller versions. In second position is the yellow almost triangular bird that propels itself at high velocity at your intended target, this is perhaps the most tactical of the birds. At the top of the bird likability scale drawn up by is the black bomb bird; this bad boy just seems to destroy most of the level every time it’s used.

Which of the Angry Birds is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comments section below.