New LinkedIn Tool: Visual mosaic of profile updaters

Here at OSM we often write about LinkedIn, the social networking site aimed at professionals and today we have news of a new LinkedIn tool that will help you to visualize profile updates. We’ve recently written articles about LinkedIn vs. Facebook, asking which site was most valuable, and also posted about how to make LinkedIn work for your company and this latest news is about a web app which should make your LinkedIn experience easier.

The information comes to us from Todd Wasserman over on Mashable and the web app has come in response to an e-mail that LinkedIn sent out earlier this year that helped users to visualize people in their networks who had either updated profiles or moved jobs in 2010. This LinkedIn ‘Year in Review’ proved so popular that a web app from LinkedIn Labs has now been announced on the LinkedIn blog, that will not only give a visualization of profile updaters but will also access data from 2009 and also this year.

Those using the app will see a series of head shots and merely need to click on a pic to view that person’s profile. LinkedIn is planning an IPO so this is another new move to keep the site fresh and relevant and could open opportunities for more ventures, such as providing job switching statistics. For now there are no plans to extend the web app further but future developments could see weekly or monthly updates.

If you have maybe heard of LinkedIn but aren’t aware of exactly what the site is all about then there’s a useful article over on kstatecollegian by Sandi Lam, who explains why you might want to Link into LinkedIn. What are your thoughts on the new LinkedIn web app to visualize profile updaters? Let us know with your comments.