Motorola Xoom: Taken Apart For Tear Down

When it comes to Motorola and their Xoom tablet, the amount of hype that it has been receiving is amazing. When you think back to CES 2011 we saw no less than 50 tablet PCs showcased. The majority of them are all running on Google’s Android OS with varying versions.

We have already reported a review round up where we were pointing out the pros and cons as well as the official prices that were reported by OSM’s Debbie Turner. Now we are reading reports of the Motorola Xoom being taken apart, stripped back, having its innards removed, being gutted… whatever you want to call it!

The tablet PC is the first ones featuring Android’s Honeycomb 3.0 OS as well as some impressive specs, a 10.1” screen, 32GB of integrated storage, 1GB of RAM, a dual-core 1GHz CPU NVIDIA Tegra 2 and of course 10 hours of video playback battery life. There’s much more to the device and you can read more about it over at

The news of the tear down comes through Phandroid’s Quentyn Kennemer, in his report he tells us a little about the tear down but the most notable comment is where he mentions that the newly launched device was designed with upgrading in mind. Kennemer directs us all though to the original source iFixIt.

Over on the iFixIt website, they have gone through taking the device apart from start to finish with pictures showing us each stage. While the Xoom and the iPad weigh the same, the Xoom is notably thicker isn’t it, the excess space is what is signaling reasons why the speculation surrounding Xoom and upgrades may have come around. Anyway head over to the iFixIt website and enjoy them taking the Xoom apart and have a peek its innards!

Do you think we will see upgrades to the current model of Motorola Xoom? Let us know in the comments section below.