LinkedIn Blocked By China In Internet Shakedown

We have previously brought you news on business social networking site LinkedIn, in these posts we have talked about the sites use being a fundamental tool within the development of companies. It would seem that the government of China doesn’t share this view after blocking the site on Thursday.

This networking site which is widely used for people to load their professional profiles onto has more than 1 million users in China, in this post from it talks about the site being made inaccessible due to a user posting a comment about Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution. In this comment the individual talks about spreading this revolution across the Asian country.

This is not the first site to be censored by the state, other sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were censored some time ago and still remain that way. It’s not just sites being censored according to Josh Halliday from the Guardian, many popular searches such as “Jasmine”, “Hilary Clinton” and “Jasmine revolution” are also being blocked on Chinese internet portal

These new censorships fall in line with the countries strict laws and regulations which allow the government to neutralize online critical opinions, any comments made online in chat forums or on blogs that would break these laws and regulations are usually erased within a matter of minutes, those caught infringing these rules could face very severe punishment.

After hearing news like this it should make you happy that we live in a country that allows us the opportunity of freedom of speech that we have, although we are grateful we still feel for the people that don’t have the same opportunity that we do.

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