Facebook Account Hacked: 4,000 People Invited To Party!

When it comes to Facebook there’s always something happening with it, whether its prisoners plotting and committing crimes from behind bars or updates to the photo section, either way some you know about some you don’t.

One that you may not have heard about is described as “every parent’s nightmare”. In some ways you have to sympathize and in others because it hasn’t happened to you, you have a little snigger. Over at techeye.net their author Matthew Finnegan is reporting on an incident that happened in Brisbane.

The man of the house was contacted by the police following his son’s Facebook account being hacked and 4,000 people had been invited to a humungous party at his house. The father is quoted over on siliconrepublic.com saying that the incident is a “real eye-opener” of the power of social media.

The father also said that his son had told him that the Facebook account had been hacked into by some friends who advertised the party on Facebook, the dad was wondering how he was going to control the crowd. The number kept on growing until it reached the 4,000 marker.

When the numbers started to get out of control the son was told to inform everyone that the party wasn’t happening. Following this the Superintendent Direct Officer of Wynnum District Jim Keogh re-assured all that police would be on hand to ensure that the party goers wouldn’t be causing any disturbances. You can check out the full report from the Queensland Police report on Facebook.

Have you ever arranged a party over a social networking site that has gotten out of hand? Let us know in the comments below.