Could IOS 4.3 Be Ready For Launch By Next Week?

After the previous news we brought you about the new Mac OS X Lion, we got to thinking whether any time soon we would see an update to the IOS platform. Our thoughts could be answered with the news of IOS 4.3 possibly being ready for launch next week.

Last time we saw an update was back in November when Apple brought us some new features in the way of Game center, Multitasking, Airplay and Airprint. Though we recently posted that this update would be released this month it would appear that after reading this post from GSMArena, this update could fall in time for the speculated release of the iPad 2 on March 2nd.

The latest version IOS 4.3 Beta has been available for a little while now, allowing developers time to get to grips with many of its new features. This update once released will be compatible with Apple TV, iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone although it seems that this will not be available for the second generation iPod or the iPhone 3G.

So what new features can we expect to see? Personal hot spot will be added which will allow users to share their 3G connection through Wi-Fi with up to 5 other devices, although this will come as standard it’s thought that this would be down to the mobile carrier if they support it. Location based service Mobile Me has had a revamp and will include a new panel in the settings called My Friends, this is thought to be similar to Google Latitude and will allow you to see participating friends locations.

One of the last features which is our favorite and can be seen being demoed on the iPad in the video below is Multitasking Gesture Control, this will allow users to switch between functions and tasks by scrolling left to right or up and down with either four or five fingers. With great features like this it seems even sweeter that there are also talks of including some Near Filed Communication capabilities into this new update.

What are your favorite new features? What would you like to see included in the next update?

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