Apple Planning Steve Jobs Successor- Miss iPad 2 Unveil?

Apple are keeping tight lips on the Steve Jobs situation, as their CEO continues to battle ill health. With the iPad 2 lauch almost certain to be next week it is unlikely the main man will feature, and there is also preassure from shareholders on the matter .

Jobs has been on medical leave since January and has remained as Apple’s cheif executive, being involved in major decisions; however the COO Tim Cook is currently running day to day operations. Apple’s shareholders have pleaded for a greater insight into plans for future leadership, as reported by Tech Radar. Shareholders did however vote down plans to make the company produce an annual report which would give detail on future leadership plans.

According to The Telegraph, although the annual report proposal was rejected at the AGM, shareholders have vowed to keep the preassure on Apple’s future leadership status. Member’s pensions are the reasons for Apple to do all it can to guarantee good stock prices. LIUNA General President Terry O’Sullivan has spoken out and said that “they deserve to have their retirement savings invested in stable, responsible companies”. Will it be long before the owners become impatient and vote a new boss in?

With Apple’s big day set for March 2nd, it looks as if Jobs’ deputy Phil Schiller will take charge of the event and unveil the 2nd generation tablet everyone has been talking about. Do not be surprised if Jobs makes a miraculous recovery and leads the event or just shows his face at some point. Will Apple after Steve Jobs be the same company we deal with today? Let us know your thoughts on the cheif and if you are excited about the almost certain iPad 2 launch.