Stupid Burglar Posts Pictures Of Himself On Victims Facebook Page

We have previously brought you news of how social networking sites have been used in peoples favor, no were going to bring you news about how Facebook helped catch a stupid burglar who posted pictures of himself on his victims Facebook page.

According to this post from Gizmodo Rodney Knight took a photo of himself posing with all the stolen property he had recently acquired, not content on just taking this picture he then thought it would be a good idea to post this picture on the homeowner’s son’s profile.

This crime took place last December in the house of Washington Post writer Marc Fisher, so maybe it wasn’t a wise idea after helping himself to a nice winter coat, a couple of laptops and a few hundred dollars in cash to then boast about it on one of the biggest social networking sites. you can check out a news clip on this at the bottom of this post.

After hearing about this it comes as no surprise that Knight decided to plead guilty to second degree burglary, this is not the first time that a social networking site has helped to catch a criminal. A few months ago we reported on how a 10 year old school boy took a picture of a robber on his dad’s phone, he then uploaded this picture to Twitter which allowed the police to catch the criminal later on.

We know you shouldn’t laugh at other people’s misfortune but after reading about this story we couldn’t help but chuckle, could this guy actually be the world’s worst burglar?

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