Motorola Xoom: Verizon Give Details Of How To Upgrade To 4G LTE

Us here at OSM are probably like the many other thousands of people who can’t wait for the release of the Motorola Xoom, and like all the people out there we too feel a sense of dismay that this device will not ship with 4G capabilities. Worry no longer as it appears Verizon has given details of how you can upgrade this device to 4G LTE.

Running on Android 3.0 and boasting many impressive specs like a 10.1inch display, 5MP rear facing camera, 2MP front facing camera and NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual Core processor, this eagerly awaited Tablet PC is tipped to be one of the biggest gadgets of the year, although already compatible to run using 3G many potential users would like to be able to use this machine on faster 4G networks.

According to this post from potential buyers of the Xoom will be able to send of their devices using a special shipping box provided by Verizon, these boxes will then be placed into prepaid FedEX envelopes and will be posted off to manufacturers Motorola. The expected turnaround time for this update to take place is six working days.

You can check when this update will become available by registering your e-mail address with Verizon here, although according to this post from this update should be made available roughly 90 days after the Xoom is released, this service will also be available free of charge to all Xoom customers.

This update is very welcomed but would involve people giving up their new devices for up to a week, and if you’re anything like us then the thought of giving up your brand new piece of kit is enough to make you feel weak at the knees.

Do you think this update will be worthwhile?

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