iPhone 5 & iPad 2 Rumor: FaceTime HD – Big Attraction?

Here at OSM we know how many people are eagerly awaiting the release dates for the next-generation iPhone and iPad and like to keep you all informed with the latest news and speculation about these Apple products. Just recently we heard of a media event on March 2 about the iPad 2 when hopefully we’ll hear news of a release date and we’ve also written about the new rumored smart bezel feature and also talked of the front-facing camera for FaceTime video chat.

As regards to the iPhone 5 we wrote about the many conflicting reports about a delayed release for both this and the iPad 2 although those rumors were put to ground pretty quickly, and also spoke about the idea that there could be a cheaper version of the iPhone on the way. We’ve heard more news today from Oliver Haslam over on Touch Reviews, sourced from 9to5Mac and it seems speculation is growing about FaceTime HD possibly coming to the next iPhone 5 and iPad 2.

We’ve been giving you news about the new MacBook Pro line which is rumored to be being released as early as today, and leaked retail boxes for the new Pros list the FaceTime HD feature. As Haslam points out, if this feature is coming to the MacBook Pros it’s quite possible it could come to the next iPhone and iPad. Being able to have FaceTime in 720p could be a big selling point for the next iPhone and let’s face it (excuse the pun), Apple has to keep being inventive to continue to compete with many of the high-spec new Android smartphones on the way, such as the Motorola Atrix 4G or the HTC Thunderbolt.

A lot of the time at present, FaceTime quality isn’t as good as people hoped it would be and Jeff over on iPhoneDownloadBlog also makes the valid point that the firmware upgrade would have to be pretty significant to enable HD resolution and talks more about the possible arrival of FaceTime HD on the next iPhone. Hopefully we won’t have too much time to wait until we find out for sure. Are you waiting for the iPad 2 or iPhone 5 and would FaceTime HD be a big attraction for you? Let us know with your comments.

  • Bruce

    All I want from the next Iphone is twice the memory…….and for the vibration alert to be far stronger and longer. Not much to ask really.

    • wiu33

      if that's all apple did they would lose to android big time =P