Android Gets New Version Of Firefox 4

Mozilla’s new version of their internet browser, Firefox 4 became available for Android and Nokia Maemo users today.

The new version of Firefox should improve stability and performance on both platforms, according to Mobile Burn who also say that the browser should be faster and generally easier to use. JavaScript performance has been given a boost so users can expect a better zoom/ pan experience with faster page loading times. This news comes around a month after the PC release of Firefox 4 Beta 10.

The Firefox browser for mobile comes with a feature called Firefox Sync, which enables you to easily carry your history, tabs and bookmarks between devices, either from mobile or desktop. Mashable has also reported that the mobile browser will feature tabbed browsing and Firefox add-ons.

The first version of the app hit the Android Market last August and the Beta was introduced in October. Firefox 4 is available on the Android Market right now so follow the link to download it. Owners of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will have to stay content with Firefox Home for iOS for the time being. Let us know your thoughts on the new mobile version of Firefox, does it have a better stability and performance?

  • Mark J Daniels

    The Firefox app for Android is such a disappointment. It simply sucks up all the phone’s resources and twice I’ve had to pull the battery in order to get the device working again.

    Comments on the Android Market indicate many others are experiencing similar difficulties.

    Shame, as the idea of a Firefox browser carries so much promise.