YouTube In Talks With NBA & NHL- Live Game Streaming

YouTube is a place of endless possibilities and entertainment. You can watch pretty much anything you desire and now it could get a whole lot bigger. Sports fans may soon be using YouTube as the place where they watch their Basketball, Hockey and other sports events!

Google’s video sharing service is in talks with a number of sporting broadcasters with particular focus being on the NBA and NHL. The idea of watching the biggest live sporting events free of charge on a well known website will excite fans over the world; does it sound too good to be true? Mashable has reported that YouTube and Google will certainly be open to the idea as it would greatly increase advertising revenue, with users spending a good few hours on the site rather than 5 minutes to watch random weird videos. YouTube is considering paying celebrities millions to make their own YouTube channels and videos.

The sports streaming story has been spoken about regularly, with a large amount of rumours going around about when sports would be broadcast live and which ones. YouTube has successfully streamed live sports before, as it broadcast an Indian Premier League Cricket tournament last year, as reported by Switched. The tournamnet raked in an impressive 55 million viewers from over 250 different countries!

It will be difficult for Google to aquire some of the biggest sports like the NFL, as the league would be very reluctant to give up any of its broadcasting rights. Luckily YouTube are supposedly in talks with “most pro sports leagues”, so the odds will tell you that they will snare someone and start broadcasting some live sport. Do you like the idea of streaming your sport live from YouTube or will you stay loyal to your armchair and TV?