Sarah Palin Uses Fake Facebook Account To Big Herself Up

With the vast use and popularity of social networking sites like Facebook it would appear that people are finding ways to use this growing trend to their advantage, recently Oreo used the site to promote their product by breaking a world record, now it seems that Sarah Palin has used a fake Facebook account to big herself up.

According to this post from a disgruntled former employee penned a manuscript that was then leaked, in this manuscript were details of a bunch of Palin’s e-mail addresses. After getting this information the e-mails were then searched on sites like Facebook and revealed some very interesting results.

After searching the social network site with these e-mail addresses an account was unearthed belonging to Lou Sarah, this would not normally raise eyebrows but Lou Sarah was seen commenting and liking a lot of Palin’s comments on her real page. There’s nothing wrong with that most people would think, although it turns out this mystery admirer was actually quiet close to home.

In this post from James Nixon he reveals that the former governor’s middle name is Louise, so by finding a piece of paper with an e-mail address on that belongs to someone’s Facebook account called Lou Sarah it would appear that this account was set up by Palin. To read more on this you can follow this link to

No one knows for sure whether this account was set up by Palin, some would argue that if she was going to set up a fake account then why would she make it so obvious? The only thing we can be sure about is whenever politics are involved things are always not quiet what they seem.

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  • jamcul

    A famous American writer, Walt Whitman, penned letters to newspapers using aliases, To Praise HIS OWN Writings! I suspect he is not the only writer to do so.

    Is there anything new under the sun?

  • james cula

    Walt Whitman, famous American writer, sent, under an assumed name, letters to the newspapers praising his OWN writings, and I suspect many others writers have done the same.

    There is nothing new under the sun!