Samsung 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab: Rumored Release March 2011?

Well while Samsung has introduced us to the next generation Galaxy Tab its 10.1, the electronics manufacturer is rumored to be adding a compact 8.9-inch tablet in the not too distant future.

Although Engadget had heard talk of various sized tablet devices way back in June of last year, Samsung saw fit to give us the 7-inch version to kick things off. Since then obviously the 7-incher has hit the ground running and become one of the main contenders for the iPad’s crown.

But with Apple teasing the world with speculation over its iPad 2, Samsung needed to step up its game so used the MWC 2011 to show off its Galaxy Tab 10.1. Featuring a larger screen as confirmed by its title, the Android 3.0 device uses a 1GHz dual-core processor and supports front and rear cameras.

Because a 10-inch tablet was investigated in the original device rumors last year, along with a 7 and 8-inch, these new findings from a reputable source inside Samsung’s headquarters, suggest that the 8.9-inch device is highly likely.

As 3anime state, the rumored Galaxy Tab middle brother has no official specs list yet, so we can only assume that it will be treated to similar Honeycomb OS and dual-core capabilities like its bigger sibling. There could also be the possibility of a release date to coincide with Motorola’s Xoom, HP’s TouchPad and it’s biggest rival the iPad 2, within the next few months.

The only other question is what it will be called? First off for the 10.1 we assumed a name of Galaxy Tab 2 would grace its posterior, so could this one be called Galaxy Tab 3 or Galaxy Tab 8.9? Tell us what you think.